The homebuilding industry is rapidly evolving. Disruptive forces are coming from every direction – from environmental factors and a global pandemic to technological advances and new competitors. Recent social distancing measures have increased digital reliance, yet the trend was already in motion. Especially while distancing, homebuyers and builders have turned to online interactions both for convenience and efficiency.

In this guide, we’ll discuss 8 essential areas to automate and accelerate your business – plus, advice on what to include in your Digital Toolkit for the modern homebuilder:

The Selling Process

Explore three ways builders can improve digital marketing and lead generation, as well as ensure their team is equipped to offer a seamless experience throughout the selling process.

  1. Reach home buyers searching online
  2. Manage prospect nurturing and the sales cycle
  3. Keep deals moving with contract e-signing

The Homebuyer’s Journey

More than ever, builders must leverage digital tools to replicate experiences typically managed in person – such as design studio appointments, construction updates, closing processes, warranty requests, and more. Explore areas that address ways builders can offer convenient digital interaction and adapt to a new level of buyer expectations.

  1. Wow buyers with efficient, enjoyable design experiences
  2. Keep your customers informed and engaged

Construction & Vendor Management

Trade issues have always been a top concern for builders, often resulting in delayed deal closings, slow project turnaround, and problems with construction quality. Now, builders must also add in the challenge of new worksite restrictions and recommendations around social distancing.

  1. Complete complex bid processes online
  2. Make trade partner collaboration and scheduling easier than ever
  3. Find operational freedom


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