Managing and creating a positive homebuyer experience is one of the most important opportunities you can take advantage of in the highly competitive homebuilding industry. Now more than ever it is crucial that builders prioritize customer satisfaction to inspire customer loyalty, win referrals, and even reduce costs. Download Constellation HomeBuilder Systems’ 2023 Homebuyer Experience Trend Guide to read important insights, data, and analysis of in-depth research into buyer behavior and attitudes.

Homebuyer Experience Trends Guide

Data Highs and Lows

Proper data collection and analysis help builders identify where they’re shining and where work is needed. The feedback we collected from homebuyers makes clear the pain points for customers over the last five years, showing that room for improvement extends past issues related to the pandemic.

Downward Trends in the Last 5 Years

In the last five years, we’ve identified some downward trends in customer satisfaction. The data shows that homebuyers are looking for increased communication related to the topics outlined in our guide, which can help builders create an improved customer experience.

Trends to Watch in 2023 and Beyond

We all felt the effects that the pandemic had on the homebuilding industry, with supply chain issues and market downturns hitting many businesses hard throughout the period. The last few years have been a perfect example of how important it is to analyze trends that exist in your data. One consistent data point in our study found exactly which period customer satisfaction was the lowest, providing a key opportunity for builders to improve their scores across the board.

Key Takeaways

In this time of market uncertainty, it is more critical than ever for builders to put emphasis on customer relations to increase buyer confidence. A greater understanding of customer needs and interaction between the buyer and builder is a cost-effective way to improve customer satisfaction. The information outlined in the 2023 Homebuyer Experience Trend Guide can help you identify which adjustments to make to your customer experience strategy, winning you more referrals and helping you set yourself apart as an industry leader.

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