Requires NEWSTAR or BuildTopia


Access real-time information from all your NEWSTAR, FAST, and BuildTopia builders through a single mobile interface.

VendorGo is a construction management mobile app that is designed for Vendors to connect with Builders through real-time information. Vendors who work with builders using NEWSTAR, FAST, BuildTopia, or HomeDev enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can use VendorGo to connect with builders to Access real-time task information, manage schedules and tasks, access related documents and notes, and react quickly to warranty requests.

Single Management Account

One account to connect a Vendor to all the constellation builders that they work with regardless of which ERP that builder uses.

Real-time Project Management

Access real-time task information from all your builders through a single scheduling interface to minimize errors and wasted effort.

Access to Project Information

Complete tasks by accessing details, location maps, deficiency information, purchase orders and other documents.

Improved Collaboration with Two-Way Communication

Confirm and update tasks through the integrated builder to vendor messaging system.

Proactive Warranty Management

Act quickly to deficiency requests through warranty notifications containing job information and warranty details.


Fully integrates with NEWSTAR, FAST, and BuildTopia home building management ecosystems

Extend the project management capabilities of NEWSTAR, FAST, and BuildTopia in the field To access real-time task information from all your builders though a single scheduling Interface.

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