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The leading single integrated construction project management software for builders and developers.

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NEWSTAR is a single integrated software solution engineered to manage all your business functions while supporting your business growth. Designed for residential construction projects including single-family, multi-family, high-rise, condominium and land development projects with a focus on business management.

Land Development & General Construction

Monitor cash flow, manage large vendor contracts and successfully plan your resource allocation for large plots of land.

Accounting & Business Intelligence

Integrate construction accounting practices, make informed decisions at a glance and reduce costly errors throughout your organization with NEWSTAR.

Estimating & Purchasing

Manage building costs and increase the predictability of your business with NEWSTAR estimating and purchasing construction software.

Sales Management & CRM

Maintain engagement within your sales cycle from creating interest, to creating contracts, all the way to getting referrals.

Builder Production Scheduling

View and control builder production schedules and payments whether from a desktop or at a job site with Constellation’s patented Scheduling technology.

The NEWSTAR Ecosystem

The NEWSTAR Ecosystem helps builders optimize the building process, uncover efficiencies, and support the modern buyer’s journey at every phase.

Explore the Ecosystem

The NEWSTAR Ecosystem helps builders optimize the building process, uncover efficiencies, and support the modern buyer’s journey at every phase.

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ERP Software Solution for Every Stage of the Homebuilding Process

Backing the NEWSTAR ecosystem is unparalleled commitment and stability from Constellation – the leader in residential homebuilder software – ensuring your investment always keeps pace with our ever-evolving industry.

Sales Office and

Design Studio Management

Streamline and digitize the end-to-end sales & design experience, whether in-person or online.

  • Turbocharge your new home sales by connecting your front and back offices in real-time.
  • Track all customer data from the initial point of contact through home production and customer service in a true home builder CRM system with no duplicate data entry.
  • Generate, acquire and nurture customer leads by capturing, then guiding sales agents and homebuyers through the entire sales process with sales and lead management.
  • Automate financial calculations, contract creation and sales reporting.
  • Display homes in an interactive sales center, allowing homebuyers to view and select options and then monitor the progress of their new home.
  • Strategically manage marketing dollars for highest ROI with custom reports and analytics.
  • Provide a fast, easy and secure way to complete and sign contracts in the sales center, at home, or across the globe.
Homebuilding Design Software in Action
Homebuilding Design Software in Action
Homebuilding Design Software for Construction Firms

Marketing Tools

Integrated marketing tools allow you to save time and money distributing your listings and managing leads.

  • Homebuilder Unlimited website platforms help drive traffic and capture more leads with NEWSTAR WebLeads.
  • Integrates with your home building software system and CRM.
  • SEO/SEM helps reach more qualified prospects.
  • Social media connects with your customers to build relationships and referral sales.
  • Custom website development tailors builder websites to fit your business.
  • Strategically manage marketing dollars for the highest ROI with custom reports and analytics.

Customer Experience and

Homeowner Care

Improve your operations and achieve incredible homeowner experience with integrated tools and data.

  • Access construction schedules and documents including completion dates, warranty information, upgrades and options.
  • Track warranty service performance for subcontractors and customer service managers.
  • Receive instant notification on critical warranty dates and changes.
  • Build customer relationships with an integrated system that is easy to use and maintain.
  • Reduce service time during the new home warranty period and increase customer service for new home purchasers.
NewStar Add-on Software for Homebuilders
NewStar Software for Homebuilders
NewStar Construction Management Software Add-ons
Project Scheduling Software for Homebuilders
NEWSTAR Construction Managament Scheduling Software
homebuilder scheduling software for construction managers

Field Tools and

Construction Management

Empowering builders and trades with on-the-go productivity and powerful insights.

  • Real-time data access for viewing and managing home builder schedules in the field.
  • Visually displays production tasks necessary to complete a job on time as well as impact of schedule changes on an overall completion date.
  • Automates email notifications delivering consistent, timely and accurate information to home buyers, internal staff, trades or suppliers at various stages of the production cycle.
  • Keep your trades and vendors connected to your organization.
  • Greater accuracy and time efficiency with real-time communication between the home builder, field staff, and suppliers or trades on each construction project.
  • Scheduling integration manages selections availability logically based on home build cycle to reduce late extras.

Land Development

Gain an unprecedented level of development control that saves time, effort and costs.

  • Maximize profitability with easy analysis and cost control on every job.
  • Manage and accurately forecast with procedure controls and cash flow projections.
  • Easily track equipment and fixed assets.
  • Accurately deploy progress billings for commercial and industrial builds.
  • Improve vendor relationships with more accurate and timely payments.

Built-in Features

  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Accounting
  • Floor Plans
  • Sales
  • Home Production Reports
  • Purchasing
  • Document Manager
  • Loan Draws


  • Site Maps
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • General Construction
  • Customer Wishlists
  • Web Leads
  • Design Agent Portal

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