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Bid Manager

Organize and manage homebuilding bidding projects from a single web-based tool.

NEWSTAR Bid Manager is a construction bidding software that enables powerful efficiencies for builders – providing a secure online portal to organize, manage, and award bidding projects.

Organize Bid Data

Leverage existing NEWSTAR data to populate bid fields, select and invite bidders, and initiate the process with one click.

Complete Records

Builders have a complete record of bid history, activity, and document views.

Note Sharing

Allows builders to send messages per project, group, to a single supplier, or for internal eyes only.

Secure Portal

The portal makes it easy and safe for vendors to access requirements and submit information to builders.

Real-Time Information

Vendors and builders can view the real-time status of bids.

Improved Decision Making

Compare vendor bids using built-in analysis tools, including comparing by products, parts, or rates.


Fully integrated into the NEWSTAR ecosystem

Leverage data already entered into the NEWSTAR software for home builders to quickly and accurately create bidding projects.

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