Configure the right home and options on the perfect lot with real-time software

LOTFITS provides a web-based interactive tool that allows home builders to fit a customer’s dream home on their preferred lot, while eliminating mistakes and saving time and cost in the process.

  • Real-time interactive map
  • 2D and advanced 3D measurement
  • Customer landscaping planning tool
  • Dirt tool calculator and 3D interaction
  • Monotony rule enforcement
  • Google earth overlay
  • Find a Lot Feature
  • 3D interaction of house and topography
  • Useable backyard measurement tool
  • LOTFITS ‘FIT’ Matrix
  • Plot Plan customer tool

Home Builder Benefits

Set Accurate Expectations

Construct your buyer’s dream home while leveraging the builder’s existing engineering plans.

Wow Your Customers

Impress in your sales meetings with the ability to create structure options for lots to fit a combination of their desired options.

Maximize Revenue

Gain the builder real-time information to maximize the lot capacity for the best possible revenue.

Eliminate Errors

Leveraging patented fit technology, builders can eradicate costly errors from their lot/project structure planning.

Interactive Mapping

Real-time interactive map for community planning, tracking sold, models, spec homes, pending deals, etc.

‘Find a Lot’ Feature

Analyze your entire community to find a lot that a buyer’s dream home will fit seamlessly on.


LOTFITS is available to use with Constellation’s ERP systems

Connect LOTFITS to your Constellation software solution to create incredible efficiencies and fantastic customer experiences.

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