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Woodland, O'Brien & Scott

Woodland O’Brien & Scott is one of the oldest and most trusted Voice of the Customer firms in the industry.

Our focus has always been on providing home builders with analysis and strategies based on detailed customer feedback. We inspire organizational change and help builders and developers to create a network of customers enthusiastically recommending you to their family and friends.

We are uniquely qualified to help home builders achieve their goals.

Woodland O’Brien & Scott joined Constellation HomeBuilder Systems in 2016, combining operational expertise with software & technology. A dedicated team of analysts, consultants and staff to manage the multi-faceted survey process that is the most extensive in the industry. By joining forces, operational data is now available to customers of Woodland, O’Brien & Scott in ways that it never had been before.

Woodland O’Brien & Scott continues to position itself as a pioneer in front-running customer satisfaction strategies adopted by the most successful and market-leading home builders in the country.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Woodland O’Brien & Scott team at 651-450-0098 or results@woodlandobrien.com.

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We collect detailed customer feedback using customer satisfaction surveys that reflect the very personal nature of the home-buying customer experience. We value the complete customer experience, including the rational and emotional; quantitative and qualitative experience. Our surveys show that 85% of homebuyer dissatisfaction is rooted in issues with the construction process and not the actual home. We focus on the 5 key areas of operational performance that make-up the core home building process.

Five Key Survey Areas

  • Sales
  • Planning & Design
  • Production & Schedule
  • Finance & Closing
  • Delivery & Warranty Service

Customer Response

  • The most detailed surveys in the industry.
  • Our 60%+ response rates (to a time-consuming survey) speak for themselves.
  • We invite customer comments – personal and heartfelt details of the customer’s experience that amplify their quantitative scores.
  • Multi-step approach gives customers the format that best meets their personal preference.  Includes Digital, US Mail and Phone.  Response rates by medium.  US Mail = 55%.  Digital = 35%.  Phone = 10%.

Survey Types

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey: 45-60 days after move-in.
  • Closing/Settlement Survey: very brief, administered at closing.
  • Warranty Survey: 1 year after close.

Voice of the Customer HUB

  • Web portal provides gives access to all customer data in real-time.
  • Customer Surveys – review, filter and distribute surveys via email directly from the HUB.
  • Homeowner Comments – select and share comments to social media sites.
  • Reports – measure and analyze performance over time and benchmark against industry leaders
  • Much more… search, exports, etc.


We collect and read in-depth homeowner surveys and harness Voice of the Customer (VOC) feedback to understand your organization's systems, procedures and performance.

  • Comprehensive review of customer data – dissect performance results at every level of the organization.
  • Study charts, graphs and tables – current and historical performance.
  • Benchmark results against our database of 1,000,000+ customer surveys to show performance relative to the average and the Top Performers.
  • Search for patterns and performance trends at every level of the organization – positive and negative.
  • Identify what is working well, and where there is potential for improvement (bumps in the customer experience).
  • Insight into specific staff performance so best practices can be leveraged – lower performers can be coached-up and mentored.
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We prescribe a comprehensive strategy with suggested priorities to enhance customer satisfaction, increase referral sales, reduce warranty costs and improve employee morale.

Comprehensive Written Reports

  • Identify performance champions and points of improvement. Balanced approach – encouragement and points of improvement.
  • Clearly communicated recommendations and suggested priorities.

Experienced Point of View

  • Objective, 3rd party reliability with deep home building experience.
  • Understand what makes your home building company unique and bring the needs of your customer into focus.

On-Site Training Programs

  • Initial Study results presented on-site, including an in-depth review with your management team to develop a strategic plan of action.
  • Present the strategic plan of action to your entire staff to review company performance and present going-forward priorities.
  • Additional on-site programs can be arranged depending on need and focus on specific areas, such as Referral Sales, Home Delivery & Presentation, etc.


Through this process, we pioneer front-running customer satisfaction strategies followed by the most successful and market-leading home builders in the country.

  • Double your referral sales by identifying highly enthusiastic customers.
  • Create the best possible customer home-buying experience and deliver on the brand promise you make to your customers.
  • Using voice of customer research, we identify where our clients are falling short on their brand promise and help them take decisive actions to impact buyers and communities.
  • Quantitative performance metrics serve as an accountability system that align staff and operational systems to become more customer-centric.
  • Increase customer enthusiasm and willingness to refer
  • Build brand equity and market position
  • Motivate employees and improve company morale
  • Decrease warranty costs and minimize risk
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