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Prospective Buyer Reviews

Understanding why you lost a sale is an important metric too. Leverage critical information from non-buyers to improve interaction with future prospects.

Employee Performance Program

Keep team members continually engaged with targets and goals, plus provide immediate performance feedback.

Trade Partner Performance Program

Two-way measurements help you identify and implement rapid quality improvements.

Advanced Analytics

We analyze qualitative and quantitative data to understand crucial drivers of customer satisfaction, providing metrics on how your processes directly impact your customers’ experience.

Homeowner Mark of Excellence Awards

Recognition from the largest judged CX Builder Award program helps increase exposure.

Mobile Engagement with Text

Our outreach engages buyers anytime, anywhere with text/SMS surveys that significantly increase response rates.


  • Build actionable strategies with confidence. Our 60%+ response rate means you’re hearing from the majority of your customers – not just the outliers.
  • Custom pricing plans. Our Flexible and Customizable plans allow you to select your feature list to align with your budget and goals.
  • Benchmark your results. Know where you stand – our database of over a million customer surveys allows you to compare performance relative to the average and the top performers.
  • Save time and money by spending less resources dealing with service calls and non-warranty requests.
  • Improve efficiency and keep your team on track with accessible post-possession requests, warranty information, maintenance reminders, training videos, and more.and keep your team on track with accessible post-possession requests, warranty information, maintenance reminders, training videos, and more.
home builder customer satisfaction survey


  • Engage customers in real-time. Address customer expectations before it’s too late, and prevent issues going forward.
  • Improve processes. Streamline interdepartmental and customer communication to reduce warranty and operational costs.
  • Grow your sales funnel. Leverage excellence in customer service to achieve homebuilder recognition and industry awards.
  • Social influence programs for modern buyers. We help you engage with digital prospects by promoting your brand through social media pages, which routes traffic back to your website for a boost in referrals.
  • Boost customer satisfaction throughout the sales process with automated sales milestone notices and updates designed to digitize your pre-delivery inspection process and key-release sign-off.
H.O.M.E. Awards

Home Owner Mark of Excellence Awards

The H.O.M.E. Awards is an annual competition that symbolizes excellence in the home ownership experience. It recognizes builders who strive to build beautiful homes and ensure the best possible customer experience every step of the way.

  • Gain optimal industry benchmarking
  • Build credibility with buyers, trades and vendors
  • Improve sales performance with a better reputation
  • Motivate your staff and boost their morale
  • Hear the voice of your homebuyers
  • Trust the verified reviews by CustomerInsight
H.O.M.E. Awards

Standalone or fully integrated with NEWSTAR, BuildTopia and FAST Ecosystems

Integration with Constellation’s suite of products means reduced errors, lower costs, seamless correlation and flow of data, and support from the company you trust.

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