BuildSoft Pro

BuildSoft Pro

Software developed by a builder for builders.

BuildSoft Pro is the leading software application for small- to medium-sized home builders, providing an easy-to-use integrated package for increased efficiency and profits. Developed by a builder for builders, BuildSoft Pro goes beyond any accounting software alone, putting you in control of your business’ day-to-day operations.

BuildSoft Pro is a complete home builder software solution, combining all four construction business functions into a single software package: Accounting, Job Costing, Estimating and Project Management. By utilizing all components together, projects become more efficient with less room for error and duplication.

Designed to help you grow your business, BuildSoft Pro features built-in workflow throughout the entire building process, making it easier to finish jobs on schedule and with overall higher profitability. For instance, invoices are automatically checked against purchase orders, ensuring accuracy and significant cost savings. BuildSoft Pro also measures and reports work progress, to help drive performance and boost overall efficiency.

Scheduling, Estimating & Purchasing

Stay in control with BuildSoft Pro. BuildSoft Pro's Estimating function allows builders to create estimates, generate preliminary budgets and compare subcontractor/vendor bids more efficiently and with confidence. The Job Cost function gives ongoing insight on actual costs in comparison to the budget, and Project Management tools display entire projects at a glance.


Create estimates, generate preliminary budgets and compare subcontractor/vendor bids more efficiently and with confidence. BuildSoft Pro utilizes key information from previous job history for the most accurate estimates, which means better profitability on every job. Stay in control with BuildSoft Pro’s precise numbers and historical job data, providing more leverage when negotiating with sub contractors and vendors, and saving money when purchasing component materials. With clear visibility into construction cost differences, purchase orders and work orders are also more accurate for overall cost savings.

Job Costing

Gain ongoing insight on actual costs in comparison to the budget and effectively track suppliers throughout the entire building process. BuildSoft Pro's Job Cost function is easy to understand, while providing flexibility to fit the needs of each builder. BuildSoft Pro makes monitoring per-home costs and variances easy and reliable with comprehensive reports.

Project Management

Easily maintain schedules and keep jobs on track with BuildSoft Pro's Project Management tools that display entire projects at a glance and provide automatic updates to the calendar and throughout the system. Changes to the schedule, purchase orders, work orders and more are easy with the powerful integration functionality.

Accounting & Business Intelligence

Accounting software developed by a builder, for builders. BuildSoft Pro's Accounting function is simple to set-up and features automated entries to keep books balanced and projects organized. The entire accounting process is easier to maintain and control, saving builders time and money while reducing the chance for error.


Better manage finances in order to make informed, real-time decisions, while staying ahead of the competition. From job costing to cost of sales, to managing vendors and cash flow, Builder360 generates customized financial reports that enable you to lower costs and adjust pricing for improved profitability. The General Ledger accounts can be set to pre-determined levels and on a per-project level, ensuring each cost goes to a specific account. When consolidating multi-company reporting, sharing one master GL Account list eliminates redundant processing, while still enabling you to view inquiries on a per job basis. Job Costing identifies variances from estimates and change orders, providing the ability to manage changes from start to finish. Interactive inquiries allow staff and managers to view cost overruns, completion status, and production progress, instantly and in any format. Accounts Receivable provides the reporting necessary to control cash flow, and applies cash receipts by invoice or client for easy processing and accurate reports.

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