Enhanced Design Studio Manager creates an interactive customer experience with new homebuyer Wish List

TORONTO, May 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, provider of software solutions for homebuilders and developers, announces the release of the Design Studio Customer Wish List portal – an exciting addition to the Design Studio Manager Platform.

Design Studio Manager is an intuitive online platform that simplifies the homebuyer’s selection and upgrade process with visual product renderings and customized appointment flows. Design Studio Manager makes workflow easier for both designers and customers, offering full mobility during design center appointments. Designers and buyers can walk around together with a tablet or barcode scanner and make selections on the fly, without interruptions or distractions. Pricing, availability and photos are instantly accessible, speeding up the process and reducing appointment time.

Design Studio Customer Wish List simplifies that further, and starts it earlier by letting a homebuyer review and select their new home options on their own, well before the appointment. Once items are added to the Wish List by the homebuyer, the designer can review the choices and reject or approve them. Any that are approved will automatically pre-populate the sales addendum, removing the need for manual entry by the designer.

“Design Studio Customer Wish List is incredibly satisfying for buyers because they can review and choose at their own pace,” says Dimitrios Polyzos, Program Manager at Constellation HomeBuilder Systems. “Upgrade decisions are easier and less stressful because they can use Wish List to preview and choose at home, to prepare for a more productive appointment at the design studio.”

Like Design Studio Manager, Wish List links to builders’ product databases, functioning as an online catalogue. Because of that, builders can change the options, photos and costs in real-time, without requiring a costly printed version.

“Since having the software product implemented at our Design Studio, our customers are buying more upgrades and our sales agents are completing the selection process faster and without stress,” says Dorothy Dranitsaris, Client Care Manager, The Remington Group. “We are extremely excited about using the Wish List in not only the final finishes selections but also for pre-framing changes and anticipate greater sales in that area as well.”