Constellation’s NEWSTAR Adds Artificial Intelligence to Simplify Workflow

TORONTO, ON – Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, the largest provider of home building software solutions and services, has established a machine learning and artificial intelligence group focused on efficiency, pattern recognition, and automation for its customers.

The team has been developing software to make NEWSTAR Enterprise anticipate users’ needs and offer suggestions to make their workflow easier and faster. The Artificial Intelligence software was rolled out to some users in early August as part of ongoing NEWSTAR enhancements. It functions by learning the patterns that each user tends to follow as they work, and over time, to anticipate those steps and offer next-step suggestions on their work screen.

Whether a user selects them or not, NEWSTAR’s Artificial Intelligence suggestions are always visible in the sidebar and change as the user moves from one task to another. The Artificial Intelligence suggestions are unique to each user and become more accurate over time.

The response to Artificial Intelligence has been very positive, with increasing uptake among NEWSTAR customers.

“We are very proud of this latest NEWSTAR enhancement,” said Carolyn Gonzalez, Systems Administrator at HiLine Homes. “It simplifies workflows even further, saving time and money for the companies that use it.”

Constellation’s Artificial Intelligence research team is utilizing the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning service to enhance its analytics solutions and help deploy its models into production. Constellation is currently working with a selection of customers to test out new ideas and is considering taking on additional builders and developers down the road to address their unique requirements.

“Our Artificial Intelligence system is just one aspect of NEWSTAR,” said Jeremy Halbert, Director of Application Development at Constellation HomeBuilder Systems. “It’s a system that already delivers a remarkable level of efficiency, and we’re always looking for ways to make it work even better. We have found ways to make the overall navigation a lot cleaner and are confident users will be able to train new staff more efficiently.”

Bharat Sandhu, Director of Product Marketing, Big Data and Analytics, Microsoft Corp. said, “Microsoft Azure’s growing portfolio of services makes it an ideal foundation for Constellation as it supports customers in the home building industry with their big data solutions in the cloud.”

The goal is to create a cleaner work interface for builders the more they interact with their clients, which ultimately helps people get more out of their working hours. Artificial Intelligence presents an exciting opportunity for Constellation to simplify processes, and most importantly, our lives.

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