Constellation Launches New Electronic Signing Solution Built Specifically for Homebuilders

Scribble eSign offers a cost-effective alternative to remote signing for BuildTopia users and their customers.


TORONTO–November 30th, 2022 – Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, North America’s largest provider of home building software solutions, today announced the launch of Scribble, a new electronic signing solution that supports eSigning of digital documents and contracts, designed specifically for homebuilders. Scribble offers builders on the BuildTopia construction management software platform a streamlined signing workflow, including multiple signers and documents, secured signing sessions and secured document storage.

Today’s business-minded home builders want to sell homes as quickly and easily as possible, and this partnership makes it super easy. Powered by Constellation’s new home marketing software platform, NHLS Distribution Engine, it has never been easier for new home builders to create an unlimited number of new home listings to advertise with great convenience and no extra charge to your NHLS account. This comprehensive value offering is exactly what the Canadian new home building industry has been waiting for, a national site for all new homes.

The NHLS platform is built to seamlessly integrate with popular construction ERP systems including NEWSTAR, BuildTopiaFAST, and other systems as requested but can also be used as a standalone solution to accurately distribute listings,  with the click of a single button.

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“Builders are looking for cost effective and reliable e-sign alternatives that easily integrate into their existing construction management solution, while securely and efficiently collecting and managing eSignatures,” said Sean Wilhelm, vice president of Constellation HomeBuilder Systems.

“Despite homebuyers demanding a more digital homebuying experience, we’re still seeing frustration among builders who are trying to make technology decisions based on a myriad of eSign solutions that claim efficiency improvements, but in reality, lack simplicity and pricing transparency” continued Wilhelm. “Scribble delivers all the mainstream workflow automations, security and compliance features that builders are looking for, but at a more cost-effective price point.”

Scribble benefits all signing parties

  • Capture secure and legally binding eSignatures – Scribble’s simple, intuitive, and secure interface makes signing documents remotely incredibly easy. By switching to electronic signature process, builders can instantly package multiple documents to signers prompting them to sign on their computer or mobile device, having documents typically signed in minutes, without the need for sales staff to print duplicates of all closing documents or the need to manually tag the documents, saving them time and money.
  • Streamline closing workflows  Scribble is built-in to BuildTopia, enabling builders to add it to their workflow quickly and easily with minimal training and zero disruption.
  • Compliant and Secure – Scribble meets all industry security standards, ensuring that all data and documents are kept safe and secure with easy to enable two-factor authentication offering the same legal validity as a wet signature.

The solution offers faster, more convenient way for homebuyers to sign closing documents by participating in a scheduled “signing session”. This provides homebuyers the flexibility to electronically sign documents from anywhere for a better homebuying experience.

Scribble offers flexibility for builders to scale their operations with electronic signatures. Learn more about Scribble for eSignatures, forms, workflows, and learn about its detailed integration with BuildTopia.