Constellation HomeBuilder Systems and NEEZO Studios Enable Visualization in Design Studios

TORONTO, April 11, 2019 – Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, the largest provider of home building software solutions and services, is proud to partner with an award-winning creative studio and architectural visualization firm, NEEZO Studios. Founded in 2005, NEEZO Studios creates end-to-end digital solutions through the latest innovations in 3D art and technology.

The visualization solution from NEEZO Studios is being integrated with NEWSTAR homebuilder ERP and Design Studio Manager to form a new application known as NEWSTAR Design Studio Manager Visualizer. This application will enable homebuyers to personalize the look and feel of the home through room renderings that serve options and upgrades for a more intuitive experience. Once users select options for the different areas of their home (including kitchen, dining room or bathroom) they are able to see the changes right in front of their eyes.

“This partnership opens up a lot of doors for us to focus on our strengths in virtual reality and interactive content,” says Marvin Maalouf, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at NEEZO Studios. “As we move forward in this partnership, we’re excited to help homebuyers better visualize the different options available and help builders conduct more productive design studio appointments.”

The new visualizer application is scheduled to roll out in mid-2019. Additional features are currently being worked on to provide homebuyers with the ability to view changes in exterior options including roof shingles, windows and door frames in real-time. “We are thrilled to deliver better offerings for designers and provide builders with an opportunity to increase customer upgrade revenue,” says Dimitrios Polyzos, Program Manager at Constellation HomeBuilder Systems. “As customers demand more engaging décor studio appointments, we’re eager to provide innovative technology to meet their needs.”

This new visualizer application presents an exciting opportunity for Constellation to help builders conduct more efficient studio appointments and help homebuyers make decisions with ease, ultimately providing them with a better understanding of what they want in their dream home.

About NEEZO Studios

NEEZO Studios is an award-winning creative studio and architectural visualization firm specializing in photorealistic 3D renderings and animations, virtual reality, and interactive content for real estate, retail and automotive clients as well as film/television.

Through the latest innovations in 3D art and technology, paired with their storytelling and aesthetic strengths, NEEZO Studios creates end-to-end digital solutions that has made a prominent impact on the digital marketing realm.