Extracting value from your software investment involves much more than simply turning the software on. Ultimately, the goal is to have your leadership team be able to rely on system data to proactively manage your business day-to-day. Effective system use by your end-users is the primary factor in driving confidence in your data.

Our Services team of home building software experts will lead your organization from software installation through the conclusion of your implementation. In addition to your dedicated Project Manager, you will have access to additional subject matter experts as needed throughout your implementation.

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This is an opportunity for us to understand your business requirements prior to system configuration.

We will meet with each department within your organization to understand their daily processes and procedures, what functions are being handled in a system today, what complex, manual processes exist and what system goals those departments are looking to get out of their new software.

We use this onsite week as an opportunity to work with your project team to review/adjust your implementation project plan.

Based upon the Business Process Review, and your company’s organizational structure, we use this time to define coding structures, system configuration, defining system security and planning data building workshops in anticipation of your Proof of Concept

Data building workshops allow us to work with your functional team from each department (purchasing, scheduling, customer service/warranty, sales, etc.) to create production-ready data in anticipation of your Proof of Concept

The Proof of Concept (POC) provides our project teams the opportunity to see how our assumptions, system configuration, and data build manifest themselves in a working model

We will run through a series of test scripts to ensure that your system is working as expected.  These scenarios include onboarding a new prospect, selling a home, selecting options/upgrades, scheduling the construction of the home, completing tasks, paying vendors, running through the closing process and post-closing customer service.

Our teams will use the go-live simulation to define process for our go-live event.

Our project teams will create workflows to understand exactly how we will need to manage different work-in-progress (WIP) community/lot/home scenarios.

Following our go-live simulation, all of our efforts will be on ensuring that your data and your end-users are ready for go-live week

End users from each department (accounting, sales, purchasing, construction, etc.)  will participate in training to ensure they have the knowledge to effectively do their job on day one.

It is our intention that at the time of go-live, all of your active and new projects will be in your new software system and you will have a single system to manage all of your data.

We will be onsite during go-live and in a supporting capacity as needed post go-live to ensure that best practices are being implemented, review support procedures and identify the need for any additional training.


Driving effective system adoption doesn’t end with software “go-live”. It is an ongoing effort and needs to be revisited on a regular basis. The PSG team is ready to assist you in these efforts.

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It may have been years since you implemented your software. As your business has evolved, the master file decisions you made then may not be ideal for you moving forward. The “System Audit” will review your current system master files and provide a written report that identifies any “red flag” concerns or areas of your system that may not conform to our “best practices” recommendations.

The “System Audit” identifies areas within your current system configuration that may need to be revisited as a result of your evolving business. Ensuring that any changes to your current setup meet the needs of your company going forward, we typically recommend an onsite “Business Process Review” workshop. During this three-day event, we will meet with each functional department within your company to understand their specific needs. Ultimately, we will provide written recommendations for both system and process changes and a recommended plan for the implementation of these changes.

New modules, functionality new to your company, and new employees often require additional training. Our consultants are available to provide training onsite or over the internet as needed.