Buzz is growing for Build Smarter 2024, Constellation Homebuilder System’s signature conference where smart builders come together to explore homebuilding’s trends, technology and innovation. This year’s event takes place October 28th-30th in Austin, Texas.

Recently, we’ve announced two remarkable individuals who will captivate and inspire attendees at this year’s Build Smarter Conference Keynote Speakers, Cara Brookins and Ronald Brownstein.

Cara Brookins is a symbol of innovation and determination, best known for building her own house with a construction crew consisting of her four children. Now, Brookins is an internationally acclaimed speaker and author.

Ronald Brownstein serves as CNN’s senior political and election analyst, senior editor at The Atlantic, and contributing editor at National Journal. Brownstein’s expertise is especially timely as we approach the US election, offering insights on what its fallout will mean for homebuilders.

Keep reading to hear about these great speakers and sessions for Constellation HomeBuilder Systems customers at this fall’s Build Smarter Conference.

Keynote Speaker – Cara Brookins: A Story of Innovation and Drive

About Cara Brookins:

Cara Brookins is not your average keynote speaker; she’s an internationally acclaimed author and motivational powerhouse. With nine best-selling books under her belt, she’s a leading expert in motivation science, inspiring audiences worldwide with practical strategies to conquer seemingly impossible challenges.

You might know her as the mom who, along with her four young children, built their 3,500 square foot home using nothing but YouTube tutorials. From laying blocks to running plumbing and gas lines, Brookins’ incredible story captured the world’s attention, gathering over two billion views in just two weeks. Her #1 bestselling memoir, “Rise: How a House Built a Family,” has been featured by major media outlets like The New York Times, The Today Show, and CNN.

She also works with the United Nations in her role as a United Nations Association Advocate to raise awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The idea that ordinary people can do extraordinary things is a constant in Brookins’ work and her insights are invaluable for individuals and organizations striving for greatness.

Keynote Overview:

At Build Smarter 2024, Cara Brookins will share her journey and empower attendees with actionable strategies for overcoming challenges. With her insights and unconventional experience, Cara will inspire you to embrace adversity and turn obstacles into opportunities. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from one of the most inspiring voices in the industry.

Keynote Speaker – Ronald Brownstein: Decoding American Politics

About Ronald Brownstein:

Ronald Brownstein is more than just a political analyst; he’s a seasoned commentator whose experience and insights have shaped the discourse on American politics. As a senior editor for The Atlantic and a contributing editor for National Journal, Brownstein’s analytical expertise and deep understanding of political dynamics have earned him widespread recognition.

With two Pulitzer Prize nominations and a collection of best-selling books to his name, Brownstein is recognized as a leading expert on American politics. His articles and columns offer thought-provoking commentary on a wide range of political issues, from elections and policy to the connection of politics and society.

Brownstein’s influence extends beyond his written word. He’s a sought-after speaker and commentator, regularly appearing on major news programs to provide expert analysis and insights. Whether he’s examining election results, analyzing policy, or exploring political trends, his ability to break down complex political dynamics into clear, understandable terms has made him a trusted voice in the political world.

Keynote Overview:

At Build Smarter 2024 Ronald Brownstein will present on the topic of Fiscal Policy, Today and Tomorrow: The 2024 US Election and Homebuilding Industry. Brownstein will provide his perspectives on the upcoming 2024 US election and its potential impact on the economy and housing outlook, both in the US and Canada. He offers a thorough analysis, blending historical context with polling data, election messaging, voting trends, and assessments of each party to discuss how the results could affect home builders, home buyers, and homeowners.

Brownstein shares what the election result will mean for fiscal policy and interest rates, through the framework it will have on the pressing issue of home affordability. He will also discuss party initiatives to promote home ownership and the affect home affordability has on the election.

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