The ringing in of the new year is the perfect time to reflect and set important goals. One goal we hear consistently from homebuilders of all sizes is the desire to improve the homebuyer experience.

There are many reasons why this is a high priority for many builders. Businesses that put their customers first are more likely to achieve long-term success. This is especially true in an industry like homebuilding where buying a home is one of the biggest purchases a person will make in their lives. Beyond a duty to the customer, creating a great homebuyer experience is also a profitable objective. It can help builders reduce costs throughout the homebuilding process and drive valuable customer referrals in the future.

If improving the homebuyer experience is on your to-do list, here are five New Year’s resolutions you may want to consider—along with some practical tips for accomplishing them.

1. Listen to the Voice of your Customers.

How can you create a better homebuyer experience if you don’t truly know what your buyers think about the quality of your construction, your processes, and their interactions with your business?

Customer surveys are a critical tool for a homebuilder that wants to prioritize its buyers.

But there are a few things to consider about implementing a surveying plan:

  • What questions should you be asking buyers?
  • When is the right time to survey buyers?
  • Should anyone else be surveyed, like your employees or trades?
  • How do you plan to track improvements in your survey results?

A proven survey platform can help you collect the right insights about your homebuyer experience, and access important analysis to drive operational changes that yield better results.

Ensure you're delivering a fantastic homebuyer experience this year

2. Modernize your Sales Operations.

Your customer relationship begins during the sales process, from the initial prospecting through to the sales agreement and contract signing. Providing an efficient and modern experience for your buyers can make sure everything starts on the right foot.

In the digital age, buyer expectations have evolved. Builders should ensure that their sales operation includes:

  • Lead capture directly from a builder’s website
  • Accurate information specific to the lot of interest
  • Quick sales contract generation
  • Integration with your ERP system to ensure seamless, correct data

The modern sales operation should be data-led and digitally-managed, and you can take steps to implement it in your homebuilding business this year.

3. Offer e-Signatures on your Sales Agreements.

A builder’s sales office can be a daunting place for homebuyers.

Today more than ever,  homebuyers prefer the option of signing a sales agreement where they are most comfortable. Often, that may be in their own home after they’ve had the opportunity to discuss it with family, or they may want to sleep on their decision.

E-signatures allow you to simplify your home sale transactions with secure documents and forms, aiding your sales team, legal team, and of course your customers.

4. Create a Digital Design Center Experience.

After a sale is completed, the option selection and design process are high priorities for all parties. For the buyer, this is a fun and important step in customizing the new home to their unique taste. For the builder, it is both a revenue opportunity and a critical operational step.

Traditional design studio appointments can be long, difficult to manage, and confusing for your customers. They can even rely on disconnected or outdated information, causing the buyer to make choices that don’t fit with their specific elevation or are no longer available.

A digital design center has many benefits, like:

  • Streamlined workflows for your design center agents
  • A chance for buyers to browse and make selections at home
  • Interactive floorplans to help buyers visualize their choices
  • Improved sales contract accuracy with real-time information that syncs back to the sales agreement

The modern design studio is a winning solution for your team, business processes, and your customer experience, making it a common choice on a builder’s new year wish list.

5. Enhance Customer Engagement During Construction & Warranty.

Despite all the excitement of the new home buying experience, buyers often feel discouraged during the lengthy construction process and frustrating warranty period.

Like many other aspects of their journey, buyers today expect digital tools to improve communication and problem resolution.

A homebuyer portal can go a long way to solving these challenges. It can offer:

  • A simple way for builders to keep their buyers updated on construction timelines
  • A digital channel for the builder and buyer to message each other
  • Tools to track and manage warranty requests
  • Access to important homeowner information like documents and manuals after move-in

It’s no wonder that top-rated homeowner portals are proven to cut a builder’s costs while improving customer satisfaction rates.

Are any of these solutions one of your New Year’s resolutions?

Reach out to our team of homebuilding technology experts today to ask for advice, see a live demo, or learn how these tools can connect with your ERP system.

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