WATCH “Unified Data and the Opportunities for Homebuilders” Webinar: With John McManus- Founder/ President, The Builder Daily, Brandon Sharp- Chief Information Officer, Brookfield Residential, & Paolo Benzan, Vice President, Data Strategy, Constellation HomeBuilder Systems as they discuss the topic in depth. Learn about today’s data trends and challenges, best practices for data cleanliness and governance, and the value add and opportunities you can create through the collection and analysis of strong data.

Collaboration: The Importance of Learning from Each Other

All three of our panelists agreed that there is a significant amount of value that can be brought to an organization through the management of data, which is integral to maintaining success and growth amid market uncertainty. They discussed that though there are best practices in every industry, it is important to remain adaptable, especially when reading data that will have a direct impact on construction business decisions. With the natural flow of data being thrown off by trade and supply disruptions caused by COVID-19, our experts emphasized the importance of collaboration throughout the homebuilding industry.


One of the key factors for home builders to remain successful in this often contractor’s market is to create an organization that can pivot based on external factors, bringing awareness to different key drivers of your business as demand grows. Being able to see the bigger picture and understand the market at a macro level is crucial. Our panelists delved deep into how home builders can future-proof their businesses and help mitigate the effects of market downturns.

The Customer Holds the Keys

Another challenge to the current homebuilding climate is general apprehensiveness among homebuyers, which John McManus advised can be reduced by builders focusing on executing projects on schedule, creating a sense of dependability for their clients. This means understanding your suppliers and their cycle times and communicating this to customers as early as possible in the sales process. Having clean, standardized data is central to making this process as smooth as possible, giving team members the agency they need to maintain positive relationships with clients.

Available Now: The HomeBuilder Common Data Model

As a partner to the home building industry, Constellation HomeBuilder Systems has proudly launched the Homebuilder Common Data Model.

The Homebuilder Common Data Model leverages a standardized set of industry metrics to offer timely, valuable insights about business performance and your regional homebuilding market. With industry-standard metrics and valuable comparisons to regional averages, it is designed to deliver critical business analysis without requiring you to invest in scarce data resources.

Learn more about the Homebuilder Common Data Model and how your home-building business can benefit.

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