Get a front-row seat at the upcoming Build Smarter Conference, from November 15th to 18th and see the new challenges and strategies in the building industry. In this four-day virtual conference, Constellation is bringing together leading veterans and fresh faces from all around the continent to share their knowledge, answer questions, and hash out contested approaches to the latest obstacles.

The benefits of Build Smarter 2021


Truly Virtual

This year’s conference is completely virtual, allowing you flexibility, accessibility, and networking bonuses impossible with onsite conferences. It’s also free to attend. We’ll showcase our home base of Toronto while guiding this diverse group of professionals to collectively tackle the current challenges and changes.


1-1 Tech Lab Meetings

Make the most out of sessions, and our 1-1 Tech lab meetings, all from the comfort of your home or office. This virtual space provides the perfect platform for intimate connections and strategizing. It’s even the premier space to showcase the latest tech. We’re offering more than 70 hands-on training sessions that cover the newest Constellation products. Learn ERP with NEWSTAR, integrated construction management with BuildTopia, workflow automation with LandDev, and so much more.


Industry Trends

We all know that the industry changes rapidly, but the global pandemic accelerated the evolution at a rapid pace. You won’t want to miss the chance to speak directly with expert panelists, soak up the latest market research trends, and even scope out the competition. Whether you work in construction, marketing, or development, the conference is designed to help guide your team towards success in a shifting landscape.


What You Can Truly Learn From the Experts

Our mission is to empower you with information that simplifies the building process and maximizes your return on investment. This event is an homage to the dissemination of

knowledge. A place where you’ll be provided innovative solutions that drive business objectives and bring about clarity in your projects. By the end of this conference, attendees will gain new insights into everything from land development to customer success strategies.


Celebrate Success and Excellence with H.O.M.E Awards

We’re also welcoming the 11th Annual HOME-Owner Mark of Excellence Awards Gala to the Build Smarter Conference this year. The H.O.M.E. Awards symbolize excellence in the homeownership experience. Customers and clients themselves vote on award recipients through our CustomerInsight management software. You won’t want to miss this evening dedicated to celebrating what we all do best—stellar customer service.


UPDATE: Registration is CLOSED open

Don’t miss out on one of the most important educational and social events our industry has to offer. While Constellation HomeBuilder Systems is pleased to offer this conference completely free, customers would want to register early to secure your coveted spot. Registration is now closed.