Homebuilder Management Software is a tool designed to improve productivity, enhance efficiencies, and streamline operations for a residential construction company. It is so much more than a sales system or an accounting system or a home production system: the true value of the software is in linking all these business functions together.

What is a Homebuilder Management software not?

  • A Standalone Software System
    Homebuilder Management Software is more than just a single software system such as estimating, project management, or warranty management.
    While these systems offer software to complete a specific task or set of tasks, they lack integration with the other functional business areas.
  • A System that only benefits one department
    While certain departments may benefit from Homebuilder Management Software more than others, the goal is to improve the
    business overall. A more streamlined and efficient business tends to increase productivity and profit, as well as improve employee and customer satisfaction.
  • A Short-term solution
    Homebuilder Management Software is not something you buy or use as needed, rather it is a complete solution that becomes the lifeline of your business. With the ability to automate and integrate the functional areas of any residential construction business, Homebuilder Management Software quickly becomes a solution that is heavily relied upon.


homebuilding software vs point solutions


Benefits of Homebuilder Management Software

  • One Dashboard, 360-Degree View
    All pertinent information, including all billings, costing, labor, materials, committed costs, change orders, purchase orders and profitability is displayed in a single view.
    Drill down on each item to find and correct anomalies quickly and efficiently.
  • Integrate Back Office and Field Personnel
    With fully integrated mobile and document management solutions, superintendents, trades
    and vendors can perform complex tasks with ease, including schedule changes, invoices and purchase orders.
  • Report Up-Down and Side-to-Side
    Measure the business effectively by reporting from the individual lot level to the community, division, and
    company level, including multi-company and joint ventures, and automated bank reporting for loan draws.
  • Single Version of Truth
    Everyone is aligned across the business and has access to the same information. Every number entered into the software reconciles
    and is the same across all functional areas of the business from accounting to sales to project management.
  • Complete Project Life-cycle Management
    From the beginning of the project, manage estimating, scheduling and purchasing. Workflow and document
    management enables capturing all completed activities, tasks, reviews and approvals, compiling real-time actual to estimate reporting, and ensuring projects are completed on time and on budget.

Let Constellation help you choose the homebuilder management software solution that is right for your business

These are just a few examples of the benefits of adopting modern homebuilding software and services, and how it can help you simplify the entire home-buying process. By utilizing
Constellation HomeBuilder Systems Software and Services Ecosystem you’ll ensure you’re always an industry leader.

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