If you know these proverbs about change: “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it”, “Why change something that’s always worked?”, “Don’t improve what’s efficient.” – the list goes on and on.

Other than the Homebuilding industry can you name an industry that adapted to technology more slowly?

What happens when industries don’t change? They became obsolete.

Still, it nearly took a global pandemic for the home-building industry to go digital!

Digital trends for home builders

Pre-pandemic contractors or homebuilders that felt a little hesitant about adopting or fully embracing new technology have had to adapt fast. They now agree they are seeing the benefits.

Saying that construction management software and cloud-based platforms have revolutionized the entire construction process during the pandemic is an understatement.

  • Communication has been streamlined: Cloud-based software houses all communications, proposals, CRMs, and more in one single location.
  • Cost control and budgets are better managed: Utilizing construction software ensures home builders meet their target budget.
  • Internal team communication has never been easier – whether you’re a trade, vendor, home builder, or in corporate management, you’re able to get valuable insight on all your current projects in real-time.

Even so, it almost took a global pandemic for the home building industry to quickly learn how the right software makes a difference.

Keeping an eye on your ROI

With so many changes in the last year, it’s important to take a step back and assess your results.

Growing companies need to optimize productivity, visibility, and collaboration in order to maximize revenue.

Big Question: How do you know what platforms are providing you with the highest ROI?

Through using online platforms that are built and track internal metrics, you can easily push operational efficiency throughout scheduling, estimating, and purchasing through to sales management and CRMs and also include websites and digital

Evaluating your tasks’ ROIs helps you determine which practices and platforms work best for your company and which ones can be retired.

Find out how our homebuilding software and solutions can provide you with the highest ROI

How Technology Is Impacting The Home Buying Process

If we’re already buying everything online, why should purchasing a home be any different? Since social distancing has become the new norm — voluntary or not — technology is more important than ever. Or is it?

From virtual open houses to contactless home inspections and never-ending Zoom meetings, how we approach the home-buying process post-pandemic has changed. GONE are the days of opening and closing every door to ensure they don’t rub or squeak
to knocking on neighbors’ doors for a friendly conversation during the due diligence phase and running our hands over every surface, checking for hidden repairs during our final inspection.

Real estate is quickly becoming a digital asset.

In the coming decade don’t be surprised if you see real estate sales taking place entirely online, iBuying growing in popularity or properties being sold for cryptocurrencies.

Remember it wasn’t that long ago when real estate agents had to drive to get all the signatures.

Let Constellation help you bridge the gap between Homebuilding & Technology

These are just a few examples of the benefits of adopting modern homebuilding software and services, monitoring platform ROI and how technology is impacting the home-buying process. By utilizing Constellation
HomeBuilder Systems Software and Services Ecosystem you’ll ensure you’re always an industry leader.

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