Data Never SleepsHow much can first-time homebuyers afford? Where is the best state to build my next community? Are condos or single-family a better investment? How much financing do I need? What kind of kitchen upgrades should we offer?

You wouldn’t answer any of these questions without crunching the numbers, and the first step toward answers is gathering your information in one place. NEWSTAR Enterprise manages your business from sales to warranty in one software solution from Constellation.

397 actions per minute.

Every minute of the day, our customers perform 397 actions in NEWSTAR Enterprise construction management software. That’s a lot of homes being built, a lot of paper being saved, and a lot of information at your fingertips.

This is NOT a competition! Our builder management software is designed to make your life easier – not increase your click count. Powerful construction ERP software solution manages your resources – people, materials, time and money – throughout the home building process. Bringing your data into one software solution is just the beginning – making it available to stakeholders is the key to unlocking your data’s power.

At every stage of the homebuilding process, customers, developers, managers, superintendents, lenders, vendors, and trades have access to the information they need, when they need it. Your customers have access to their sales and warranty information, your trades have access to their purchase orders and schedule, and your bank has up-to-date lot and community data. These are the real benefits of powerful homebuilding software.

In a world of clicks, actions, and shares, powerful software makes your life easier. We’ll show you how.

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