NEWSTAR ERP Software for constructionMyers Barnes for Builder Magazine asks builders a tough questionAre you a tech company that builds houses or a home builder that only sometimes uses technology?

With key examples, Barnes illustrates how the new breed of bottom-up technologies is changing the competitive landscape for builders across the country. Website development, social media, virtual floor plans, mobile apps, GPS, QR codes and Google analytics are just a few of the new “power tools” available to help builders edge out the competition.

When you leverage these power tools to communicate… You can find your buyers more adeptly. You can locate and reach out to them and pull the right buyers out of a crowd. You can measure their response to your messaging, and alter it as needed.

Customizing floor plans for prospective buyers, right in front of their eyes. Social media incentives to fill the sales center. A QR code on your “for sale” sign for immediate property information. Leveraging technology as Barnes suggests can differentiate you from your competition in real-time – but these are all front-end technologies. What about the back office? What about the management software that powers your business?

With a builder management software solution in place, these efficiencies will carry throughout your organization. Integrating your CRM system with production, accounting and warranty provide a 360-degree snapshot of your customer, building the relationship throughout the customer lifecycle. Your team can respond to customers with accurate and personalized information at any point in the process.

Standardize communication with vendors, from trades to suppliers, providing access to tasks, schedules, and accounting information to reduce calls to your warranty department – and correct defects faster for the homeowner.

Provide your customers with a personalized portal for accessing information about their new home, and communicating with your customer care team.

Our digital marketing team, G.1440, can assess your website for free and help fine-tune your approach for appealing to both your customers and Google’s web crawlers.

Request a demonstration of our software solutions for home builders. We would be happy to provide you with a free consultation of your business and isolate efficiencies that are specific to the way you build homes.