You may have noticed the NAHB BuilderBooks kiosk while you were waiting in line for a slice of pizza at the International Builder’s Show – but did you know the curated library is available on their website too?

At, the NAHB has collected and organized hundreds of books for homebuilders in a wide range of categories from kitchens to social media to economics.

E-Books are also available on your Apple or Android device, via

Book: Survive and Thrive in Building

Here’s a great place to start: Survive and Thrive in Building: Fundamentals of Business Management (ISBN 9780867186772). This title has nothing, and everything, to do with software. Beginning with finding a market niche, you will walk through the business of homebuilding from the perspective of the National Association of Home Builders. Though the book does not discuss management software in depth, the software solution you choose to run your business can dramatically impact your ability to implement and manage the ideas discussed in this book.

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Have you read Survive and Thrive in Building? Did it help you organize your business?