The Southeast Building Conference kicks off next week at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. July 24 & 25 will see thousand of homebuilders learning exhibitors and 45 education sessions. On July 23, the 2014 Energy Summit, E2R3: Energy Efficiency in Renovations, Retrofits and Remodels is Florida’s only targeted energy efficiency event for construction, remodeling and retrofits.

SEBC 2014SEBC 2014
July 24-25
Orlando, FL
Orange County Convention Center
Booth 801

Here are our Top 3 Education Sessions to help you maximize your time at SEBC 2014:

“10 Social and Digital Marketing Trends Impacting Consumer Buying Behavior”

Understanding technology and consumer behavior trends is important to any company. The increase in consumer mobility, localization and social media has dramatically altered the marketing landscape and will impact the future of your business. This session will discuss new mobile, on-line, website and social trends that will change the way you market your homes.

“It’s Not Always Who You Know but What You Know”

Tips on Getting Builders’ Business. A builder panel program featuring: Marshal Gray, MI Homes; Ed Dion, Remodeling Contractor; John Gleeson, London Bay Homes; and Dave Hounihan, Neal Communities. Moderated by: John Wiseman, Core Construction. Open to all attendees.

“10 Things Your Lawyer Won’t Tell You (But Should)”

This one hour presentation discusses specific strategies construction business owners can implement to better manage outside legal counsel. Topics include questions to ask, and not ask, when interviewing attorneys, various means of attorney compensation and which one may be best for your situation, specific ways to reduce legal fees and costs, overcoming disputes with outside counsel, and transferring a file from one lawyer to a new lawyer. 10 Things Your Lawyer Won’t Tell You (But Should):

  1. I’m not really qualified to handle your case
  2. I’d prefer to be paid hourly, but…
  3. My young associate will do all the work
  4. My fees are negotiable
  5. So are my out-of-pocket costs
  6. You don’t need to understand my bills
  7. If you complain, I may reduce my bills
  8. I don’t have insurance
  9. I’m not your type
  10. I’m replaceable.


BONUS: Your Homebuilding Technology Partner

The Constellation Team in Booth 801 will be available to answer your questions about homebuilding software and technology, and discuss your organization’s needs and opportunities. We are a technology partner to some of the nation’s most progressive builders, and their questions and input impact our software development process daily.