Constellation HomeBuilder Systems is pleased to invite you to our first Customer Experience Discussion webinar on September 22nd at 2:00 PM EST.

Registration is closed – Registration is closed!

This webinar is an open forum discussion for you to share your ideas with several key benefits:

  • Learn how other builders improve the customer experience and increase referrals
  • Learn how different customers perceive quality (trades, home buyers, and employees)
  • Expand your network by connecting and building strong relationships
    with other home builders

Host and Speakers:

  • Brad Brickman, General Manager of Constellation BuildSERV
  • Chip Pennington, Director of Customer Services at Shea Homes
  • Brooks Powell, Home Advisor, Powell Custom Homes & Powell Renovations
  • Charlie Scott, Partner at Woodland, O’Brien & Scott
  • Craig Schweikart, Professional Consultant

Additional Online Resources:

In addition to this online webinar, an online customer experience discussion forum is available.  We encourage customer service professionals to log in and share best practices and real work experience.