Markham, ON January 19, 2010 – Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, the largest provider of home builder, sales, production and accounting software announces a new product release at the 2010 International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, NV on January 19 – 22, 2010.  HomeDev™ is specifically designed for home builders and remodelers to help manage their construction processes.

HomeDev offers a comprehensive solution for job costing, project management, budgeting, trade comparison and purchasing.   Built using familiar Microsoft tools like Excel, Project, Outlook, SQL Server, SharePoint, and .NET, the new HomeDev product integrates with QuickBooks and other accounting systems.

During this building slow-down, Constellation HomeBuilder Systems has made significant investments to bring HomeDev to the market.  All builders use spreadsheets and some use Microsoft Project and want to see a new solution that works with these familiar tools.  HomeDev uses Microsoft Excel, Project and Outlook to manage the data collection and presentation, Microsoft SQL to manage the data, and SharePoint and e-mail technology to share documents in the form of vendor and partner portals.

Builders make more money if they learn from their mistakes and avoid them on the next job. HomeDev allows builders to take any job in the system and use that as a basis for a new job. This saves time and produces more accurate estimates and project plans.  The purchasing process in HomeDev provides tools for sending out bid requests, comparing the results, and awarding contracts without manually entering the bid responses.  The builder saves money by selecting the best bid, reduces errors by avoiding data entry, and improves accuracy of budgeting and project management.

HomeDev is designed for the builder seeking a solution that is easy to learn and implement.  Builders running the software have told us “because we are comfortable and familiar with Excel, Project, and QuickBooks, HomeDev fits naturally into our operations.”  HomeDev is available under license or subscription.

Constellation is launching HomeDev at the 2010 International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, NV on January 19-22, 2010.

Request an appointment, or visit one of the booths during the show for a product demonstration.  

Booth C1145                 Production Builders – Websites, Accounting, Production and Sales Systems

Booth C842                    Small Volume Builders and Remodelers – Websites, Accounting, Production and Sales Systems

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