Constellation Builder Broadcast is a complete e-mail marketing solution, providing an economical, results-oriented solution for home builders of all sizes, whether you build 5 houses a year or 10,000.

Now, more than ever, it is critical to know as much about potential home buyers as possible. You would never send the same e-mail to a home buyer as you would to a real estate agent. Constellation Builder Broadcast offers affordable tools to send timely, meaningful communication to your prospects and customers that will help you get referrals to help increase sales.

Collecting and managing e-mail addresses is just the beginning. Beyond simply sending the e-mail messages, Constellation has prepared a best practices guide for e-mail marketing. This guide, along with Constellation Builder Broadcast will help you optimize your e-mail campaigns, and effortlessly keep your campaigns in compliance with junk e-mail regulations.

Some of the key benefits include:

Built-in best practices for e-mail marketing and campaign management, designed to increase prospect-to-customer conversion ratios.

Build strong, trusted relationships by staying in-touch with your prospects, ensure delivery of the messages you want them to read, and encourage them to make a purchase decision.

Measure e-mail marketing effectiveness with insightful reporting, tracking and analytics to determine content relevance, timeliness, frequency and overall performance of your e-mail marketing campaigns.

See how you can stand out from the competition with polished, professional, and highly relevant e-mail marketing campaigns.