All Constellation customers have received invitations to our upcoming virtual user conference.  If you have still not registered, please do so using the links below.

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems is pleased to invite you to our first-ever, Virtual User Conference on March 23 through March 27, 2009.

Join us for this FREE event in the comfort of your office, or any location with an internet connection and a phone.

Hosted by our BuildSoft, Builder 360, NEWSTAR, FAST and Constellation CRM (formerly “CFT”) product families, these series of webinars will include valuable product update sessions, industry best practices, and home builder roundtable discussions.

Delivered by Constellation experts and guest speakers, you will learn about new product enhancements, upcoming events, industry best practices, trends in the customer base, and opportunities to help you get the most out of your software system.

Product Update Sessions

On March 23rd at 1PM EST, we will be hosting the following product update sessions. Please register for the product update session of your choice using the links below.



Builder 360


Constellation CRM

Industry Best Practices and Guest Speakers

Lead Qualification and Sales Best Practices

Ross Robbins – Shinn Group

March 24th at 1 PM EST

Today’s home buyers are fearful of making a buying decision and consumer confidence is at historic lows. We as sales people must do all the heavy lifting to get them to want to buy. The key to this is repetitive contact and building a trusted relationship to enable them to take action without regret. This means using your system to its fullest to keep in touch with the prospect. None of us can remember all the details and the necessary follow-up schedule. This session will explore the reasons for the fear, despite the great values in the market, and justify the use of valuable tools you may already have to make high tech equal high touch.

Online Homeowner Warranty and Maintenance

Brad Brickman – Constellation HomeBuilder Systems

March 25th at 1 PM EST

Now that the housing boom is behind us and the entire industry is dealing with a new reality, managing warranty and service costs is very important. In this session, we’ll show you how many builders have reduced their warranty and service costs, and improved customer satisfaction and referrals with small investments in online homeowner manuals, maintenance guides, newsletters and service request portals.

Implementing a Purchase Order System

Craig Schweikart – Constellation HomeBuilder Systems

March 25th at 1:30 PM EST

Many builders, both small and large, can achieve cost advantages and improved forecasting using purchase orders. In this session, builders will learn how to reduce costs as a result of issuing purchase orders and paying trades without relying on completion slips and invoices. Even if you are already using purchase orders for your trades, this session will provide additional opportunities for process improvement.

Get the Information You Need from Your Accounting System

Felicia Malter and Steven Hays – RubinBrown

March 26th at 1 PM EST

As a follow-up to our Coping with Financial Distress webinar from last August, this session will help Canadian and US builders identify how to analyze those ratios that are the most important in running their business. Using the information from your accounting systems can help you improve your bottom line and increase your profits. In addition, timely communication to lenders from from their builders will help ensure viable financing solutions. Steve Hays and Felicia Malter, Partners in the Home Builder Services Group at RubinBrown LLP, will also share some information about what financial reporting might look like as we prepare for better times.

Builder Roundtable Discussion

On March 27th at 1PM EST, we will be hosting the following builder roundtable discussions. Please register for the session of your choice using the links below.

Small Volume Builders and Remodelers

Larger Volume Production Builders

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